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Certified Secretaries Management Assistants - CSMA

The department of secretarial support of all levels and types of Organisms, Enterprises, Public Units and Wider Public Sector, Local Authorities, Banks and Health Units constitutes one of the more important departments. The individuals who compose it apart from the formal qualifications will be expected to have also the suitable knowledge in order to be able to handle this difficult role.

Certified Secretaries Management Assistants (CSMA) constitutes the unique certification that ensures the professional level of knowledge and skills of the holder at the secretarial management.

Minimal condition for the attendance in the examinations for the acquisition of the CSMA certificate is the candidate to be secondary education graduate.

The candidate is asked to answer 30 closed-ended questions and 2 open questions. Duration of examination: 2 hours. Success rate: 70%.


"Choose the job you love, and you will never have to work again. " 
~Confucius~ | Chinese Philosopher| 551-479 BC

The certification scheme CSMA is accredited according to international standard ISO / IEC 17024 by the legally authorized body "ESYD", which means that the certification process is impartial and factually sufficient while making a recognized and accepted as equivalent certificate by national accreditation bodies of the countries - members of the EA (European cooperation for Accreditation).

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