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Certified First Aid Provider - CFAP

The certification "Certified First Aid Provider" was created by Acta, in collaboration with experienced professionals who work in the healthcare and medical sector, to certify the knowledge in First Aid and Revitalization, so that everyone can respond to an emergent and life-threatening incident that may occur in the workplace and offer effective First Aid.

The certification "Certified First Aid Provider" certifies that the candidate is able to:

  • Know the basic means of personal protection from transmitted diseases
  • Assess the Risk
  • Manage breathing or circulation problems
  • Know how to prevent and treat injuries
  • Use the First-Aid Kit correctly
The examination process is divided into two separate parts, consisting of written examination and practical examination. In written examination, the candidate is asked to answer 30 closed-ended questions. In practical examination, the candidate is asked to apply a scenario similar to the field of study of this certification. Duration of written examination: 60 minutes. Duration of practical examination: 15 minutes. Success rate in written examination: 70%. Success rate in practical examination: 70%. The candidate obtains the certification only if he/she completes successfully both phases of examination process.


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