Certified Health & Safety Technician - CHST


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Certified Health & Safety Technician - CHST

The certification "Certified Health & Safety Technician" was created by Acta, in collaboration with experienced Health & Safety professionals - experts in workplace, to certify the knowledge on the basic principles of protecting people and avoiding risks relating to the exercise of profession.

The certification "Certified Health & Safety Technician" certifies that the candidate is able to:

  • Use the machines and the other equipment correctly (such as the personal protection equipment and the security systems)
  • Highlight every work situation that presents serious and immediate danger and also every defect of protection systems
  • Contribute to meeting the imposed healthcare requirements so that the employer can ensure a safe work environment and riskless working conditions.
The candidate is asked to answer 30 closed-ended questions. Duration of examination: 60 minutes. Success rate: 70%.


"Health is a valuable asset but very changeable"
~Plutarch~ | (Ancient Greek Historian) | 45 - 120 A.D.

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