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Certified Interior Design Specialist - CIDS

The profession of Interior Designer is a lively and dynamic profession that requires the acquisition of multidimensional knowledge in various disciplines, including architecture, design, lighting, etc.

The ACTA, Spin Off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, recognizing the need for certified professionals in the field of interior design, created the certification "Certified Interior Design Specialist". With this certification, any professional who works in this field or anyone who wants to start a career in the pharmaceutical industry acquires a powerful asset and also a competitive advantage in today's demanding job market.

The CIDS is a certificate that gives its holder:

  • A valid proof of knowledge needed to practice the profession
  • Improvement of the level of providing services
  • Acquisition of skills needed for the vocational recognition of each interior designer
The examination process is divided into two separate parts, consisting of written examination and practical examination. In written examination, the candidate is asked to answer 30 closed-ended questions and 1 open question. In practical examination, the candidate is evaluated in creating a design, relevant to the subject of certification. Duration of written examination: 60 minutes. Duration of practical examination: 190 minutes. Success rate in written examination: 70%. Success rate in practical examination: 70%. The candidate obtains the certification only if he/she completes successfully both phases of examination process.
"The purpose of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance."
~Aristotle~ | (Ancient Greek Philosopher) | 384 – 322 BC.

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